Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Jason and Frankie were watching Scrubs when I came home last night. The guest star sick-person-of-the-episode was a graying black man, and the second I saw him I said, "Hey, that's Isaac!"

Frankie and Jason both responded with "Who?"

"You know, Isaac, from The Love Boat?" I said, rather puzzled that they hadn't understood me immediately.

"Who is?"

"The sick guy!"

"That's not Isaac," said Jason, who accusing me of disagreeing with HIM all the time, if you can believe THAT.

I was all over it.

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't."

"I bet you."

"Bet me what?"

"I bet you a million dollars that's Isaac from The Love Boat."

Jason looks at Frankie, who shrugs helpfully. "Okay."

I grab the laptop immediately and try IMDB. I couldn't find the guest star information for every episode there, but after asking Jason to check the tv listings to identify the episode I found a site full of detailed information on every episode of Scrubs. And guess what?? Yep. Ted Lange, who played Isaac on The Love Boat, guest stars in the episode My New Coat.


What is more fun than being right and owed a million dollars????

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k in mn said...

"What is more fun that being right and owed a million dollars????"

Being right and owed a million dollars by someone who might be able to payoff the bet.

But thats just me....