Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi, Sisco!

This post is just for you, Suzanne! Sit back and soak in the entertainment...

*background music starting up*

"There's barkin' at the kitchen
yellin' in the hall
ringin' at the doorbell
poundin' on the wall..."

Are you entertained yet????



"Knock knock"


"Knock knock"


Okay, you're not going for that. Crud. I got nuttin'. ;-)

But I love you!!! Thanks for checking in here and being interested in new posts!


Murfette said...

You're so good to me! Thanks, you kept me entertained today! You rock, Pancho!

Elizabeth "Beth" Murphy said...

We do what we can. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, right?

Murfette said...

You betcha babe.... I'm your huckleberry!