Monday, March 19, 2007

Jamaica Sinead?

I got on a Sinead O'Connor acquisition kick about six months ago and acquired several of her albums which I have played several times each, but to which I had not yet really listened. Finally I have given her reggae album from 2005, Throw Down Your Arms, a bit of attention and I have to say I think it is really good. It has a surprisingly traditional reggae feel, at least to one of my admittedly little experience in the genre--knowing only the most famous of famous albums here in the U.S. and what we heard during our one week vacation in Jamaica over a year ago. Her voice and style of delivery blend extremely well with the rhythm and mddle-volume style of reggae. My favorite song (at least after the first couple of listens) is called Vampire and exhorts the loyalty of the true rastaman who does not gamble or drink the rum, but has instead been sent by Jah Jah to catch the vampire. How much fun is that???

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