Friday, March 9, 2007

Song Round Up

"Not That Dumb" by Suddenly, Tammy! - History: There's a Suddenly, Tammy! song that I have absolutely adored for years, so a few months ago I finally obtained this entire album to see if the rest of their stuff is any good. The Song: I really like it. I think Jen Harlin would like it. Sort of jangle pop feel. About being frustrated with life. Representative line: "I just finished braiding my hair. My head's been red all day." B+

"Mocking Bird" by Megan Slankard - History: From Suzanne. The Song: Slightly bluesy guitar groove feel like Melissa Etheridge. Some interesting voice touches between verses like Laura Love. I like it. Representative line: "If I were a mocking bird I'd fly all around to the top of the world and never come down." B

"Beautiful" by Paul Simon - History: All Paul Simon albums are worth owning, right? The Song: I don't know. I have to say, I'm just not thrilled. Definitely has that Paul Simon slightly Graceland-y Groove-y vibe. But other than that I just don't get it. C

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