Monday, April 2, 2007

Mmmm....Downy fresh!

I love my clean clothes!!! I did laundry most of the day Saturday and Sunday. Just about every piece of clothing I actually wear at all, most of our towels and about two-thirds of the clothes Jason wears at all. And I finished the whole thing last night--matched socks, put everything away, the whole bit!

This morning when I woke up, lo and behold, I had all kinds of tops to pick from to go with my suit and could just grab a fresh PAIR of socks out of the drawer without hunting and pecking about and changing my mind about what color suit to wear based on what socks I was able to find. It was wonderful. Now if only I would keep this up....

Next on my organization list is to go through the back of Jason's closet and throw away the clothes that are back there that I haven't worn (and the ones he hasn't worn) for a couple of years. I already was able to take our suitcases to the basement now that I have the supercool shelves down there to store things on. This whole organization thing is finally starting to shape up.


Murfette said...

I'm with you - last time I was at Target I splurged and bought the expensive fabric softener rather than the generic kind I normally buy, and now my towels and clothes smell good for days rather than 15 minutes. Go you on your organization kick! (and if you need help putting more shelves together, I'm your girl!) :)

Elizabeth "Beth" Murphy said...

Yah, I've been getting the "flavored" Downys lately. I think the current one is lavender and something. I like it! I used to only like the smell of Snuggle.

And their could very possibly be more shelves in my future, and if so, I promise you can hammer them to death!