Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Murphese: A Dictionary

"Doody Moos" - The 60's-70's rock band known to others as The Moody Blues.

"Nonpod" - Any mp3 player not manufactured by the evil geniuses at Apple. Also sometimes referred to as "Beloved" or "My Precious."

"Oop Doops" - Fruit Loops. Yum!

"Gorga Hunk" - See Gabriel Byrne, Kiefer Sutherland, et al.

Additional contributions forthcoming and comments with further additions welcome!


Murfette said...

Duh.... what about Bitterman???
Pancho and Sisco?

I'll submit more as they come to me....

Murfette said...

how about cows and haystacks?

Elizabeth "Beth" Murphy said...

Uh, gorga hunk is there, you goofball!