Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Stuff This Week

Received my Zooba book-of-the-month last night: Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. He wrote The Remains of the Day, which I loved. I also have his novel The Unconsoled on my shelf, and have had for a couple years, but have never started. I think the sheer length of that one intimidates me these days. But I'd already started a couple other books and have a book club book still to read this month, so this one will go on the shelf until it hits the spot.

I also got a few new albums last night, so I'm listening to those today--yay! Elliott Yamin (I know, but I really LIKED him!), Panda Bear (this one is more for Jason than me--supposed to be a bit experimental) and The Bird and the Bee (which I heard about on NPR a month or so ago and have been thinking about getting ever since--I think going to be a bit Iron & Wine-ish). They're on the nonpod queue today along with the new Arcade Fire album which I actually got a while ago but haven't properly attended to yet.

Happy Wednesday to me!


Reenie said...

I feel like I'm reading a foreign language - all these names of bands that I have never heard of. You're holding out on me, Chicktar! I expect copies! :-)

I'm eagerly anticipating the discovery of bands (almost) as good as Guster.

Elizabeth "Beth" Murphy said...

Hey, I don't consider Elliot Yamin holding out on you. He was on American Idol last year, and his album is R&B crooner-ish. Not anything I would normally like or think you would, but I just got attached to him, he was so sweet and goofy-looking and all.

And Panda Bear is all Jason, sound effects and electronics and song names like "Take Pills".

Now Bird and the Bee is a maybe for you. I shall consider and bestow upon you some things. Or you can just come over sometime and hang out for an evening and go through the music on the computer with me going: What's that? What's that? What's that? for each artist or listening to them to determine for yourself. My collection is an open book to the hip and cool folk like yourself.

Now, uncool people I'm holding out on. Heh heh heh....