Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poor Poor Beezus

My cat is insane. Perfect, some say. But insane nonetheless.

This weekend our house was besieged by a calico cat that has moved into the neighborhood apparently with plans to terrorize the local house-cat population by teasing and taunting them through the newly open windows of homeowners enjoying the wonderful spring weather we are currently experiencing. This cat (which has a lot of squirrel-like tendencies) enjoys hanging out on the brick exterior windowsills in front of our open windows and laughing at our poor housebound pets.

Saturday morning we were awakened by Ramona's caterwhauling (get it?) at the top of her lungs, hissing, batting at the screen and generally freaking out at the calico cat's (henceforth to be termed "Lucifer's") presence. Not long afterward, a full on war erupted between the highly agitated Ramona and her sister, Beezus. And ever since, Beezus has been experiencing flashbacks and hallucinations during which, apparently, Ramona becomes Lucifer--an evil invader in her own home threatening her very existence. Beezus, therefore, has taken to wailing and hissing at Ramona when she approaches, which occasionally erupts, in turn, into a volcanic struggle for their lives.

As Ramona was here a year or two before Beezus, who has never known a day of life without Ramona around, it's pretty tough to figure out why she suddenly sees Ramona as an outsider. Suzanne says it's probably Early Onset Kitty Alzheimer's. Prayers are welcome.

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