Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Steph-e-nanie!

Top ten things I love about my sister (with a couple things Suzanne loves about her thrown in):

10. She always does all the scary life things first, making them less scary when my turn comes. (Although watching her learn to ride a bike on our gravel street put me off bike riding for years!)

9. She's always willing to play geeky board and card games with me, especially if they're Lord of the Rings themed.

8. She always let Suzanne play the girly girls in our Peter Pan games.

7. She always has time and positive energy for me, even when her own energy is otherwise depleted!

6. She has as hard a time as I do making small decisions like what to have for lunch.

5. She smiles and laughs with us when we name being gullible after her.

4. "You go tell your mama!"

3. She LOVES new experiences and broadening her horizons, which broadens the horizons of everyone around her.

2. My big brother, Matt.

1. She's just SO generous and beautiful and loving and thoughtful!

I love you, Steph! Happy Birthday!!

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