Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I have issues.

Okay, I know. This is a really big surprise to those of you who know me. Ha!

But really, while I really LIKE people and enjoy hanging out with people and meeting new awesome people, I just have no patience of all the not so awesome people in the world. My sister is (now, as an adult) this bizarrely friendly person who likes all different kinds of people and has immense patience for anyone with at least some redeeming qualities. Would that I were so sweet.

In particular, I have no patience for our super-sweet neighbor, Willie.

Jason, whom I generally think of as not overly generous to people he doesn't know well, is just so sweet and nice to her. Willie is an older African-American Jehovah's witness, who, as with many older folks, just wants someone to listen to her talk. But we don't really want to hear about Jehovah's plan for us or what the Kingdom Hall says is the true word of God this week. However, as she is older and our yards are quite small, Jason mows her lawn every single time he mows ours. And this is a woman with a good deal of family who are often around, and I expect one of them would do it for her, but to Jason it is just nothing to do it in exchange for the good karma he feels when he does.

So in return, every single time Jason mows her lawn, Willie brings us a homebaked treat. She makes the most AMAZING pound cake ever. And according to Jason a pretty darn good sweet potato pie, too (I don't care for SPP so I'm no judge).

Jason did the yard work on Sunday this week and last night Willie brought over some applie pie for him and said she still planned to bring us some oatmeal raisin cookies, too. So sweet.

And yet, I still always sort of have this dread when I see her that I'm going to be stuck having to talk with her for a while and listen to her and I'd really rather do whatever I was doing or was planning to do.

I think I should work on that.

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