Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vader vs. Mario - wha-wha-what???

This morning I read a poem in the UMSL literary magazine that published Jason's short story. It was a short one, maybe eight or ten lines, the gist of which was: Yah, I'm a geek, but don't laugh I'm not such a total super-geek, oh-but-wait, maybe I am a super-geek after all. Cute. But the last line of the poem (intended to show what a super-geek the poet maybe is after all) was along the lines of "I still haven't decided who would win in a duel between Darth Vader and Super Mario."


I am not afraid to admit that I am such a geek that not only do I have an opinion about this but have an opinion so strong that I am completely shocked the author would even use this comparison in his poem. I even wondered if it was ironic and actually he was trying to show that he only thinks he's a super-geek after all but really deep down he's not because if he was he would know that matchup is absolutely ludicrous.

I mean, Mario??? Against Darth Vader??? You've got to be kidding! I mean, maybe Mario could annoy Darth Vader into hyperventilating to death. So here, is my responsive haiku to that UMSL student:

plumber jumping pipes
blue overalls and hammer
yoda you are not

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Murfette said...

YAY!!! MORE HAIKU!!! I say you should have one every day!!!!