Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kitchen Makeover - Before

The kitchen makeover started on March 31. Here are the "before" pictures from March 30 after I got all the "crap" out of there but before Dan (our friend/contractor) got started on the demo.

The south wall with our weird little closet that must have once been a door heading to the back yard (which is now completely filled up with a garage so this door was covered over) and the funky little shelf-closet.

The southwest corner with our cruddy old range and the beginning of our mismatched cabinets.

The sink cabinet on our west wall is a classic old sixties-style metal cabinet--kind of cool but the only metal cabinet of the bunch. And I can't tell you how much I HATE our single basin porcelain sink. I can't wait for the stainless steel double basin sink that is headed our way!

The northwest corner and the north wall (the bathroom is on the other side of this wall).

The east wall with our pantry (which is about the only thing in the kitchen that is staying intact). The second bedroom (currently the "office" is on the other side of this wall.

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