Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Otis (f/k/a Bartok)

Here are a couple of pictures of our "new" kitten. Well, he's more than 6 months old now and almost full-cat sized, but these pictures at least are from when he was brand new. I know this is true of all kittens, but boy, is he a bundle of personality.

We were struggling with his name for quite a while. Originally it was Bartok. More for the sidekick fruit bat from Anastasia than for the Hungarian composer. But it just wasn't sticking. Something about the name just didn't flow off the tongue. We found ourselves calling him "kitten" all the time instead. I had already tried to think of a suitable name of a male character from Beverly Cleary's children's books (to fit in with our other cats Beezus and Ramona), but could only think of Henry Huggins, which I just didn't find charming enough for this cutie. Luckily, our friend Maureen came through by remembering good old Otis Spofford! And this cat is definitely an Otis.

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