Monday, April 25, 2016

A Productive Weekend

I got a lot done this weekend -- or at least it feels that way.  I checked several items of my to do list.  But as most of them did not have specific intended recipients or uses, I guess it was more playing around.  But hey, they were on the list and they are now crossed off!

I will have to add pictures later, but on the sewing front:

- I finished a small tote bag project for my cousin Suzanne that I've had in process for quite a while.  It has really pretty machine embroidery about knitting that I got from  I just love their design aesthetic and their designs always stitch out perfectly.

- I made a sewing machine cover for Kyle.  It took more finagling than I expected.  I thought I would just measure the cover that came with the machine (which is just a plain white cheap vinyl or plastic of some kind) and sew it up in a snap.  But it turned out that cover wasn't remotely fitted to the machine, so after sewing it, I then had to do a little garment style fitting to take in some here and there and make a curved hem on one side.  But I'm pretty happy with it now.  It has less personality than I might prefer, so maybe someday I'll replace it with something that has embroidery or applique on it, but for now this is a gorgeous fabric and that will definitely do!

 - I tried out a couple machine embroidery designs I got from  One was for a quilted keyfob that Katie from Katie's Quilting Corner has talked about many times on her podcast.  The other was for these little monogrammed squares that you can attach a small chain or jump ring to and attach to your belongings to label them as yours (the idea being that you will know which pair of scissors at that sewing retreat are yours, etc.).  I will write more at length about both of these hopefully in another post as they were both okay, but did not impress me.

- I tried out making a wine glass shade.  My husband complimented it when I set it in the bathroom with a candle burning in the wine glass to see if it would be firesafe (at least firesafe enough for me).  And since he's not the most observant or complimentary guy, I take that one as a success.  (This is not husband slander -- he's great at complimenting when I specifically show him something I made with the clear implication being that I am seeking approval, just not great at noticing these things on his own).

On the non-sewing front, I did a deep clean of my bathroom and am pretty pleased with that, laundered my ironing board cover (which I never remember to do), and cooked up a pretty delicious Sunday dinner of shepherd's pie.

So yah, feeling pretty good about myself.

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