Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm back!

Well, after an extremely long hiatus, brought about by lots of different elements of life turmoil, I am hopefully back to blogging, as I have been longing for an outlet for some of my rambling thoughts which may not be of much interest to my husband and close friends.

While I previously saw this blog as a place to store music and book reviews and impressions and the occasional cat or family story, I now see it as a place where I can journal my sewing and quilting experiences -- a hobby I have picked up in the last several years, I think starting in 2012.  I have an incredible amount of respect and appreciation for all the terrific quilt and sewing bloggers out there -- especially the immense amount of educational information, tips, tutorials and general support and assistance which the community provides.  I would really like to contribute something to the online quilting community and hope this blog will be a start toward that goal.

On the way, I am likely to share cat stories and pics, some of my experiences living with MS, and possibly tales of my husband who I, frankly, adore.  I am also adjusting to a new career which is quite the life change (as well as a dramatic budget reduction) for my husband and I, so I will likely share some accounts of that process as well.

Welcome to anyone and everyone and happy reading!

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